At Improving Education, we work to improve educational systems by harnessing the creative power of individuals to develop, test, and implement innovative and efficient solutions to complex problems. We focus on birth through grade 3 literacy improvement communities that help schools, parents, teachers, and leaders learn to improve. Our teams design, test, and develop new ways to solve systemic problems through a rigorous quality improvement process.

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Early literacy is critical to the success of children everywhere.  We are working with schools in Baltimore to show what is possible when committed teachers, parents, school leaders and community members work collaboratively to design a better system of instruction and support. 

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We believe that by empowering teachers to lead change at schools and in the community, we are seeding new ideas for improvement in student outcomes.

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We strive to create a world where children are happy, healthy, and constantly learning. It’s our mission to support families no matter the socioeconomic status, race, or location in which a child is growing up. We work to make parenting easier and materials for bedtime more accessible.